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Clever storage ideas for the home


 Did you know that an incredible 95% of Brits admit to hoarding things even when they have well and truly outlived their purpose?


Although it can be hard to throw things away because you just never know when you might need them, unfortunately, all you’re left with in the end is an incredibly cluttered house. Not only can this become frustrating to live with, it can even make your property harder to sell if you ever decide to put it on the market.


From clever storage ideas to self storage, below are some great ways to free up valuable space in your home and leave you free from clutter.


Store upwards, not sideways


Wardrobes, drawers and storage boxes are frequently stored side-by-side because it seems like the logical thing to do. Most unused space in the home is in fact above or under your existing furniture however.


Consider floor-to-ceiling shelving, opt for tall but narrow wardrobes that allow you to store just as many clothes but will take up less space in your room, keep storage boxes on top of drawers and add full-length hanging storage to the backs of doors. All of these are great ways of adding additional storage without compromising on floor space.


Utilise any unused space


If you go through your home, you will probably be quite surprised just how much space is filled with absolutely nothing. Additional shelves can be added to cupboards, storage can be built under stairs, bare walls can accommodate shelves filled with books, DVDs and ornaments and the garage is a great place to keep all those bits you don't quite know what to do with.


Use boxes


Boxes are a fantastic way of storing pretty much anything - pots, pans, books, DVDs, toys, clothes, pet supplies and ornaments. Once they are filled up, you can keep them in wardrobes, garages, self storage units or you can even get boxes with funky designs so you can have them out on display.


Think outside the box


If you want to get really creative with your storage ideas, there are plenty very out-there things you can do. People have been known to use their stairs as drawers as well, unused fireplaces have been used to store books and some have even carved out spaces on their walls to make way for new cupboards and shelves.


Self storage


If you are absolutely certain that you have utilised all the space you possibly can in your home but still have an endless supply of furniture and other things you don't want to throw away, self storage is ideal. Simply rent out a unit and you can be rest assured that all your items are safely packed away and best of all, you can go and access them whenever you want or need them back.


If you would like more information about self storage or would like to hear about any of M Store’s special offers, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.