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How to create the perfect home office


With more than four million Brits choosing to work from home rather than trekking into the office every day, home offices have become an important feature for so many of us.


Whether you’re in the process of setting up your own business, your company has recently started to allow remote access or you’ve been working from home for a while now but feel you’re not at your most productive, below are some great tips for creating the perfect home office.


Think about comfort and practicality


We may turn to the likes of Pinterest or Instagram for design inspiration but remember, just because something looks great, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s practical. An upholstered dining room chair may look stylish for example, but it won’t support your back.


When choosing your desk and chair, ensure that the chair offers you the proper support you need and that your desk is high enough so that you don’t need to stretch your neck too far down when looking at your monitor.


Try to choose a desk that’s practical as well. Something with drawers is ideal because it offers you extra storage without taking up any additional floor space.


Follow ergonomic rules


Following on from our point above, follow the advised ergonomic rules because this will ensure your comfort and that you don’t incur any strain-related injuries. The top of your computer should be at eye level or just slightly below. Your keyboard should be positioned so that your forearms are parallel to the floor and adjust your chair so that your feet are resting firmly on the floor or a footrest.


Make the most of any natural light


It may seem logical to push your desk up against the corner of a wall but think about how much you’re going to enjoy staring at nothing every day. If there’s a window in your home office, try to position your desk so that you can see out of it or so that it’s at least close to the window so you can embrace any natural light that comes through.




Research has shown that there’s a direct link between clutter and productivity. If you’re faced with a big mess every time you enter your office or it takes you about half an hour to find the document you need, that’s just going to stress you out, waste time and make you less productive.


If there’s barely space for you to turn around in your home office, it’s time for a clear out. If you’re storing random things which don’t have a proper place in your home or boxes of paperwork have built up over the years, think about putting these items into a self-storage unit. Not only does this free up valuable space, it means that you can still access them as and when you need them.


Add greenery


One of the benefits of working from home is that it’s nice and relaxed and you often don’t even feel like you’re at work. To further improve the space you have, add some plants to your office. Not only do beautiful flowers improve our mood, studies have shown that they can go a long way in boosting productivity too.


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