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Simple Solutions for Student Storage

Heading off to college or university is an exciting time. As well as embarking on an exciting adventure, you get to meet some fantastic new friends and study your passion.


Whether you’re in halls of residence or rented accommodation, chances are that you’ve been enjoying your independence and having your own space. The only problem is working out what to do with your furniture and possessions during the summer holidays.


Students tend to move at the end of every academic year and storing your stuff can therefore become a bit of a problem. If home and university are far away from each other then transporting everything back home isn't practical or perhaps there isn't even enough space in your old room for any new furniture.


One way of solving this problem is to put everything in student storage for the summer. Finding a unit located close to the university not only saves moving everything back and fourth, it also means that you don't have to try and cram everything into a limited space back home.


Perhaps you’re doing a sandwich course which involves a year abroad. While this is a fantastic opportunity, once again, you’re faced with the problem of finding somewhere to keep furniture and belongings which aren't going to be used for 12 months.


Unless your parents are lucky enough to have the extra space in their house, student storage is a great solution because you can be rest assured that everything will be locked away safely and securely until its ready to be used again.


When their children go off to university, some parents choose to leave their rooms as they are whereas others might opt to make the most of the extra space and turn it into a study or another bedroom for their other children. If you wish to do this, putting everything into storage is a great way of freeing up space whilst still being able to keep everything for your graduate's return.


Finishing university is another exciting although admittedly scary time. Armed with a degree, graduates are now looking for a job and possibly somewhere new to live. There are many possibilities during this transitional period - going back home to the parents, finding short-term accommodation until something more permanent comes up and even going abroad. Whatever the plan is, student storage can take away the hassle of deciding what to do with all your furniture until a job has been secured and a long-term plan has been made.


If you would like more information about student storage, please feel free to contact M Store and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.