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Simple Storage Ideas

No matter how big our house is, we still never seem to have enough space for all our belongings. If this sounds like a familiar tale, carry on reading for some simple storage ideas that can help free up some much-needed space in your home.

Make better use of the loft

For most of us, our lofts are dead space so they may as well be used for something useful. Although it can be a bit of a pain getting up there and rummaging around in near darkness, the loft can be an incredibly handy place to store anything from unused furniture, clothes, artwork, old toys and anything else that you don’t really use but can’t face throwing away.

Under the bed

If you’re currently in the market for a new bed, why not consider one that has built-in storage? There are plenty of great designs that allow you to lift the mattress up and use the base for storage or have built-in drawers. This is a brilliant place to keep anything from clothes, bedding, towels, toys, paperwork and anything else you have lying around that you want out the way.

Self storage

If your house is filled to capacity or you prefer the minimalist look, there is always the option to store your belongings off-site. Self storage facilities are great for absolutely anything you don't want to throw away but don't need every day.

Self storage units can also be a great solution for businesses that may have excess office furniture during quiet times or need somewhere to keep confidential paperwork.

What’s more, you can be rest assured that this is a very secure way of storing your possessions because all units come with secure locks and most companies employ a number of security measures.

Put up shelves

If your walls are looking a bit bare and you’re in need of some extra storage space, why not put up some shelves? Shelving takes up zero floor space and acts as a great home to many of the things that may be laying around your home.

Clean out the garage

If you have a garage but don't use it to keep your car in, chances are that it's filled with junk and you never even go in there. By throwing away anything that is of zero use to you, you can free up a whole lot of space that can be used to store other possessions that you do genuinely want or need.


Invest in clever furniture

Space is an issue for many people these days. Fortunately however, furniture manufacturers have caught onto this and have come up with a number of clever space-saving ideas. From dining room tables which you can extend when in use, mirrors which double up as cupboards, sofas which fold out into beds and even chairs which have storage space inside them, investing in smart furniture can provide you with a number of inventive storage solutions.

If you would like more information about our self storage facilities, please feel free to contact M Store and we will be more than happy to help.