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Some of the strangest things ever found in self-storage units


When it comes to what you would typically expect to find in a self-storage unit, most of us imagine furniture, piles of paperwork, boxes of clothes, unused toys and a whole host of other everyday household items.


It would appear however that more lurks behind those metal doors than most of us would imagine. Self-storage units seem to have a secret world of their own and it has become such a fascinating subject that America even has an entire television programme called Storage Wars dedicated to it.


From the weird to the wonderful, here are some of the strangest things that have ever been found in self-storage units.


A live hand grenade


If you live in America, finding guns and ammunition in storage isn't particularly uncommon. A man from Michigan was certainly in for a surprise when he found a live hand grenade casually sitting in a self-storage unit however. A bomb squad was needed to successfully detonate the grenade but fortunately nobody was hurt.




Pirates have famously sailed the world's seas in search of treasure and have encountered all sorts of danger along the way. Had they known about one particular abandoned self-storage unit in California, they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble.


In 2011, a man from San Jose hit the jackpot when he bought a storage unit in a blind auction and ended up making a tidy little profit from it - inside was $500,000 worth of gold and silver.


According to Auction Hunters, one of the many reality shows which documents the world of storage unit auctions, every year there are more than 50,000 abandoned storage units in America which hold approximately $1 billion worth of items so you never know when you might get lucky.


Unreleased Michael Jackson records


A storage facility reclaimed a unit they had been renting out to someone because they hadn't been paying their bills. The workers were pleasantly surprised to find that the unit belonged to Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson.


Inside they found over 270 of Michael's unreleased records and because he was in between record deals at the time, nobody had the legal rights to claim them.


Samurai swords


The cast of Storage Wars were more than surprised when they bought a unit at an auction and found professionally sharpened Samurai swords inside. Having faded away before the 20th century, the possibility that an ancient Japanese warrior may have been using self-storage for his weapons was more than a little baffling for the producers of the show.


A burglar


It’s hard enough to break into a storage unit and it would appear as though it’s even harder to break out of one. In 2011, Ronald Dennis attempted to steal items from a storage unit but while he was filling his bags, a security guard noticed the empty door and closed it. Dennis was unable to escape by himself but was eventually rescued (and caught) by the police when his screams were heard.