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The biggest mistakes people make when renovating their home

Renovating your home is an exciting time. Not only can a fresh, new look completely transform the place, it can also add value to your property.


As with anything however, things can go wrong. If you’re thinking of renovating your home and don’t want to be faced with any DIY disasters, make sure you avoid some of these very common home renovation mistakes.


Buying cheap materials


Home renovations can be expensive so it’s understandable that when the bills start piling up, you may be tempted to use the cheapest materials possible. Be warned however, more often than not, this is a big mistake.


You get what you pay for so by using cheap materials, it's highly unlikely that you're going to be able to create the dream look you're after. What’s more, it won't last half as long as the more expensive materials so you'll just end up paying for the same thing twice.


If you are thinking of selling your house, prospective buyers may pick up on the fact that cheap materials were used and this may put them off making an offer.  


You’re using the wrong tools


Using the wrong tools when doing any DIY is likely to wreck the tool, ruin the project you're working on and potentially cause yourself some serious damage. If you're really not sure what you're doing it's highly recommended that you do your research beforehand, hire a professional or ask a friend who has done this kind of thing before to help out.


Forgetting about the ceiling


It's surprising how rarely people think about the ceiling when making changes to their home. They re-paint all the walls, build in some lovely new features and buy new decorations but very rarely look up and realise that the ceiling looks the same as it has done for decades.


Admittedly ceilings aren't the easiest thing to re-paint but it can make a huge difference. Consider new lights as well because this too can completely transform a room.


Not putting your furniture in self storage


Your renovations have been completed and your house is looking beautiful so now it's time to put all your furniture back where it belongs. The only problem is that paint has managed to get everywhere and things have been damaged from where they were moved from room to room.


The best way to avoid this happening is to put your furniture into self storage while you're renovating. Not only does this give you more space to carry out the work, you can guarantee that at the end of the process your furniture will look just the way it did at the beginning.


You’re trying to be too trendy


When renovating your home, it's always tempting to decorate it according to the latest fad. While having the latest and most popular appliances is great for a while, the problem is that fads and trends die out. Avoid temptation and go for something timeless because chances are that you don't want to re-decorate your home every six months.


If you would like information about M Store’s self storage facilities, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.