How Self Storage Works

Packing Tips

Make your packing much easier and protect your goods while they’re in storage by taking note of these Packing Tips:

  • Put together a ‘Portable Packing Kit’, with a marker pen, parcel tape, labels and scissors
  • Get the right number of boxes, in a variety of sizes before you start
  • Use protective wrap on your delicate belongings – it’s the best way to stop scratches, dents or breakages
  • Stack plates on their sides and use acid-free tissue paper to wrap them individually
  • Drain freezers, washing machines and refrigerators 2 days before storage – store these items with the doors wedged open
  • Always pack bedding or clothes in boxes to prevent moisture damage from ‘sweating’ that can sometimes build up in plastic bags. You can put a ‘moisture absorber’ into your box, for greater peace of mind.
  • Chair legs and furniture corners are easy to protect but expensive to repair – wrap them in corrugated card for best protection Using a wardrobe box will help your clothes retain their shape
  • Clean all outside tools and equipment thoroughly before putting them into storage
  • Make sure you keep the essentials out of storage, like the loo roll, mugs, milk, tea, the coffee and the kettle!

Packing Supplies Guide

At M-Store we have a variety of boxes and packaging material to make sure your goods are well packed and protected while they’re in storage. A guide to these is given below. If you want to buy these in-store then please check availability with your local store or check online. We can deliver these to your home or business before you move.

Storage boxes

  • Archive box – great for paper work, files and books
  • Small & medium box – for everyday small items
  • Large box – for bigger items
  • Saver kits – a multi-pack, the cheapest and easiest way to buy your boxes

Protective packaging

Protect your belongings by wrapping them in purpose-made protective packaging.

  • Bubble wrap – perfect for larger delicates such as electrical appliances
  • Acid free tissue – use this to protect glassware & crockery
  • Void fill – minimise damage by filling gaps to keep your goods in place
  • Chair, Sofa & Mattress protectors – help keep furniture clean & protected
  • Moisture absorbers – a must-have, to prevent damp penetrating your goods
  • Shrink wrap – ideal for securing loose items together and minimising space
  • Dustsheets – use them under and over your goods, keep them dust-free!

Miscellaneous supplies

Some things aren’t essential, but they do make your job easier:

  • Marker pen – remind yourself what’s in those boxes!
  • Fragile tape – remind your helpers that a box needs moving with care
  • Gripper gloves – to protect your hands and give extra grip when you need it
  • Sack truck – one of these will help you move awkward or bulky goods
  • Appliance rollers – slip these under heavier goods and wheel them away!
  • Other – it’s always useful to have these at hand: a disposable knife, scissors, tape measure, collapsible crates, black sack, plastic storage boxes, rubble sacks, sticky labels, parcel tape, extension lead, string, tape gun, step ladders, elastic bungees … and more!


If you want to store your goods on racking we can provide this to you. You can buy it or rent it from us. We do not always carry this in stock so please allow time for us to organize this if you need it.

Packing your storage unit

When packing your storage unit consider the following tips. Our staff are on hand to advise if you need anything else.

  • Let staff know some general information about the items to be stored when reserving your unit. They’ll be able to advise on the right amount of space and also make sure you're not storing items unfit for self storage
  • Make sure you value your goods correctly, so we can provide you with the right levels of insurance cover
  • Decide if you want to have regular access to any of your goods. If so, these should be the last items you put into storage. We have racking units you can buy or hire, if you need regular access to multiple items
  • If you have an indoor unit, unload your goods in the loading bay, and use the available trolleys to transport your goods to your unit. Please don’t overload the trolley, and stack safely!
  • If you have an outdoor facing unit you can drive directly up to the front, open the shutter door and unload your goods.
  • Identify your heaviest or fullest boxes, and put these with your bulky items in first
  • Clearly identify fragile goods, and make sure the labels can be easily seen
  • Storing sofas and mattresses on end, and stacking chairs pad-to-pad, will help you to minimise the amount of space you need. Ask our staff for advice on storing items this way…
  • Stack your boxes, maximising your space, from the back of the unit and fill your space methodically towards the front – don’t forget to use single items for filling gaps as you go
  • Take care to safely pack sharp edges or garden tools to avoid accidents. Outside equipment should be cleaned before storage, and lawnmower blades or cutting tools should be lightly oiled
  • When all your items are in, cover with a dust sheet to keep them clean and protected
  • Secure your unit with a padlock – we have a choice of three available for you to buy


Storing with MStore

Storing with MStore couldn’t be simpler and with our price match guarantee you are assured that you are paying the best price and getting the best available service and advice.


  • Start online from the comfort of your home
  • Find your nearest store
  • Work out how much space need with our online estimator
  • Details of opening hours are online
  • Contact the store and reserve your space


  • Pack your belongings
  • We can deliver boxes and packing materials to your home or business to help with this


  • Drive to the store If you don’t have transport we can organise Van Hire or advise of a local removals company to help you
  • Park on site for free
  • Choose one of our outer units to have true “drive-up” convenience


  • Meet the staff, do the paperwork
  • Our staff will be on hand to meet you
  • Your paperwork will be dealt with swiftly using our industry standard licence agreement
  • To ensure the security of all our customers we require 2 forms of ID from you to open an account
  • Your first fee will be taken by Debit or Credit card, thereafter you can pay by Direct Debit, Debit or Credit Card
  • Take out our optional insurance cover to be totally protected


  • We’ll show you to your space Our staff will show you your personal space and ensure everything is satisfactory


  • Move in We have trolleys on site to make the moving in process easier


  • Lock up with peace of mind Lock up your unit with a padlock – we can supply you with one of these
  • Only you have the key
  • We take care of security with our state of the art monitored system


  • Visit the store whenever suits you Your electronic access card enables you to access the store 24 hours a day 7 days a week